thegaryclark  Photography

A Short  Biography


Photography is fluid, it is every changing. Technology may change the craft on a daily basis but the heart and soul of Photography is and always will be a photographer, a camera, a vision and a desire.

1977 - The decision is madeFrom the day I first decided to become a photographer, it would be another 2 years before I bought my first camera and launched myself on a truly remarkable career path. One of the first pieces of valuable advice I even learned from another photographer was, "Never turn down a job". "Take it and figure it out along the way" he said. Like most young photographers, I started out on the high school yearbook  My camera never left my side for the next two years of high school. I eventually went from yearbook photographer to a photography stringer and darkroom technician at the local newspaper before deciding on a next coarse of action, which college to attend.

1981 - ​Atlanta, Ga. I'm not sure it I chose the Art Institute of Atlanta or it chose me but, we surely fit each other perfectly. The next two years was total immersion into ever facet of photography. My chosen coarse load led me back to photojournalism. Where no two days have are ever the same and having to adapt differently to every new photographic situation is a true selling point. 

1984 - 
The right place at the right time. I was hired by Southern Living Magazine right after graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I remained there for 29 years and covered the South everyday for the estimated 17 million monthly readers. For the past 3 decades I have had the privilege of photographing Presidents and picnics, NASA and NASCAR and everything else in between. I have visited and photographed in every small town and large city in the south and covered every event and festival and met and photographed the greatest people in the world. As with everything these days, the dynamics of the magazine industry has changed so drastically and it was time to move forward with my life.

2014 - A new beginning. Let the games begin. The first great news in the freelance world is that a photographic image of mine was selected for a USPS Forever Stamp. It commemorates the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner. First day of issue was Jan 26th in Independence, Mo followed by a dedication ceremony in Washington, DC. at the Smithsonian Museum of American History on March 3rd, 2014.